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Party Planning Checklist

When you are planning a party there are a lot of things to consider to make the day perfect and you may be wondering where to start. Let us help take the guesswork out of your planning with our 10 point easy-to-follow checklist below.

1. Select a date and time

A. Start with a date in mind, but don’t narrow yourself down to just one day just in case your guests can’t make it. Do a little research to find out what other events are happening around your dates.

Children’s parties are typically 2-3 hours long so that they can play before sitting down for food. Overnight slumber parties would probably need to include breakfast. You may want to work back and consider the activities you will be providing, the length of the event will also determine how much food you will need for your guests. It is best to have a start and finish time in mind as then guests will be more aware of what’s expected and you won’t have the issue of asking people to go at the end!

For the best garden Movie Night experience the equipment is best used at dusk. The darker it is the better the image will be on the screen and we do not advise the use of the projector in full daylight.

2. Plan your guestlist

A. Bear in mind the number of guests you plan to invite and the activities you will organise. If you have the most popular kid in school would you want to invite the whole year group or just a few of the closest friends for a sleepover?

Our VIP picnic and our garden Movie Night combined would be ideal for a party for a larger group. We offer to design your themed digital invites for FREE when you book a Hide & Sleep party (ask us for more info).

3. Determine your budget

A. Be realistic and concentrate on a budget and look at where you’d prefer to splurge and where you can save. Knowing your budget in advance will help you to make decisions more easily.

We currently provide sleepovers and parties for groups of 2 and upwards. If you just want the basic package of the themed teepees then that is okay, or if you prefer we can help you with venue decorating and suggesting entertainment and we can add some extras that will make the date extra special.

If you have a budget in mind we can work with you to bring the best value to your purse.

4. Location

A. It’s worth taking a few moments to try and visualise how it will look and ensure there is room to host the party you have in mind.

Most sleepovers are set up in the living rooms of your homes but we do set them up in bedrooms too. Each teepee is big enough for one person and the area needed to set up with a single mattress will measure 140/180 cm long by 90 cm wide. The double teepee needs a footprint of 190 cm wide by 200 cm long and 218 high, this comes with either 2 single mattresses or one double memory foam mattress and is big enough for 2 adults. This is often the choice for a special date night or a parent and child sleepover.

You will need a backup plan for garden parties and Movie nights because of the unpredictability of the Great British weather. We will be available in the run-up to your party to discuss your options should the weather be unsuitable and if you didn’t have the room to bring the party indoors, we would look at rearranging it to a mutually suitable date.

5. Decide on a theme

A. Decide what type of party you’d like to host and the theme this will help focus your budget, if you want us to we can help you decorate your venue accordingly. We do a lot of preparation before we arrive and can help with your party signs, balloons, party bags, party tables and personalised items. We also have a list of great local companies that have all been personally recommended to us for catering including cakes, graze boards, Cookies etc

6. Entertainment and extras

A. Once you have the venue looking and feeling great, give a thought to what the guests will do once they arrive. Will you have paid for entertainment such as a disco, or a kids entertainer – or just simply have music in the background?

Whatever type of party you’re having you can create an atmosphere with your entertainment by adding Karaoke, movies, a hot chocolate bar, pamper and craft sessions, scavenger hunt, quizzes etc …These are all popular options – just be sure to let us know what you’re planning in advance so we can help with providing something to keep them interested many of these options can be included for FREE.

7. Home cooking or hire a caterer?

A. Think about food and drink – is the party timed correctly so that your guests will be hungry?

We often get asked for catering companies and we can provide a list of superb local companies that cater for parties that have all been personally recommended to us for their high standards. These include entertainers, hot tubs, flowers, party bags, personalised clothing, fish & chips, pizzas, cakes, graze boards, cookies, sweets and more……..

Don’t forget to check with your guests for any allergies or food likes and dislikes so you can ensure there are some choices for everyone.

8. Sending invites

A. Your invitations should include the date and time, dress code and party theme. We offer to design your themed digital invites for FREE when you book a Hide & Sleep party (ask us for more info).

9. Speak to the neighbours

A. If you’re hosting a party at home, let the neighbours know there will be a party taking place. Check with them to see if they have any specific boundaries or desires, communicating with them in advance will allow them to make plans to go out themselves if they prefer or of course, you can always invite them to the party as well!

10. Charge your camera

A. Make sure your camera is fully charged in advance to capture the best memories of your party! If you are posting these on social media don’t forget to tag us as we love seeing the fun you are having.

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